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Monday, July 12, 2010

What the hell happened to me?

He’ya ladies!

Long time no blog!

There are a lot of things happened these past few weeks. First, my laptop doesn’t work anymore. Good thing I have this friend of mine, who lend me his mini notebook. I can use it as long I as need it, though I’m planning to buy a new one in a couple of months. I’m lemming about this Sony Vaio costs 3700dhs. And I want a pink one.

And next, is about my career. No need to explain this further. It was really a mess. *sigh* Thank God that I was able to managed. It has been proved that no matter what happen, God is always there and He won’t let you down. Just have faith. I thank God for the new opportunity he gave.

Third, I am advancing my level of career. And they put a lot of pressure on me. Arggghhh! New work. New environment. New people to work with. I’m wondering how do I look after 3months. A bit tanner, maybe?

So that’s all for now. See yah!

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