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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun: Dubai Invasion

Yesterday, me and four of my flat mates planned to invade Dubai just to look for a window curtain (lolz). I felt so excited because that was my first time to go to Dubai just for fun. I stayed in Dubai last month only for four days and I cannot bear travelling Dubai to Abu Dhabi every day. That’s why I came back here in Abu Dhabi hehehe.

Anyway, Dubai Mall was our destination. Since the mall is huge, we just looked for a few outlets (with a few picture takings lolz) and headed to Gold Souq where in we can have a good view on Burj Khalifa. Since I have no idea what will I spot outside, I felt in awe when I saw the world's tallest building. I was so amazed when the music started playing and the fountain nearby came into life. I wasn’t able to record it in a video, my bad.

Afterwards, we had our snack/dinner at Fridays.

And before I forgot, we can’t find a good curtain in Dubai Mall so we straight ahead in Khalidiya Mall in Abu Dhabi. Hehehehe. We came home around 12midnight and I started to catch up my laundry. I slept around 4am. Good thing, I have no work the next day, yippee!

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