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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

JAPAN (Jan – Apr 2008)

Last 2008, I was advised by my boss that I’ll be having my three months training in Japan. Mixed emotions perceived through me. I felt really excited knowing I will experience the coldest season (and the snow, of course) in my whole life. On the other hand, I felt quite nervous anticipating what will happen for the next 3months. Wondering how I can manage myself since that will be my first time being miles away from my family and friends. And also the homesick thing.

My destination was in Hitachi City, Ibaraki-ken, Japan. It is a 5-hours drive (I think) from Tokyo City. But could take 2 hours taking the Shinkansen or known as the bullet train. :)

Here are some of the joyful moments I had during my stay in Japan.

During our welcome party. (L-R) Jacek, Me, Geri and Morita-san (Kuddy)

The Red Team. Had our first Sunday @ the church.

@ The Gran Deco Snow Resort, I tried snowboarding and I stumbled more than 50 times reaching the finish line. Lolz.
This was during the Sakura Festival and he was so handsome. *wink*

Me and my Kuddy (Kuya and Daddy in one) after our tennis game.

During the Hanami Party, it is a tradition where in we eat, drink and have fun under the Cherry Blossom.

Had a cool shot before heading home.

Yummy pork sumthin'. (I forgot what was the exact name! Lolz)

Tunahiki (Long Jumping Rope), every year Hitachi held this competition just for fun (I think heheh). Those people who work in the factory won, of course they do exercise everyday. They made more than a hundred jumps. Wow!

Plum Festival

Me enjoying Choco Parfait! Yum yum!

Given the chance, I would definitely come back in Japan. My second home. :)


zynchi :)

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