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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fun: Tambayan Bar and Restaurant

Since its Friday (and still no salary), I don’t have plans on going out. A couch potato. But around 3pm, one of my flat mates came to our room and said he was hungry and asking for a Halo-halo. It’s too hot outside (around 40degrees) and we are lazy to get up from our bed. Afterwards, we had a little talk about foods and where will have our dinner. Almost every Friday, we have our dinner outside. So we’ve decided to go to Chillis for a change. And since many of us still haven’t received our salary, one of our flat mates is willing to take charge for the bill.

We left the building around 6pm and since it’s too early for a dinner, we strolled inside Abu Dhabi Mall for a window shopping. Waaahh there are so many SALE items!! But I’m disciplined enough not to buy and I stick to my goals and priorities, head’s up!

It’s already 8pm when we headed to Chillis. While we were still outside of the restaurant we’ve decided to contact our other flat mates so we can pay more little for our shares hehehe and also to serve as a bonding.

But in an instant, Tambayan Bar and Restaurant was the new location. It is only a few blocks away from Chillis, so why not? It’s also my first time to go out in a bar. Yipppeeee! Quite excited and sooo hungry we walked for about 15 minutes to reached Al Ain Palace. Tambayan Bar and Restaurant is inside of a hotel, so cool!

me, ate lou and ate cris

When we got inside, it feels like we are in Malate. We were in nostalgic mode because the design was Filipino inspired. There is a pedicab, a graffiti some of the places in Manila like Tondo and Pasay, LCD monitors hanging on the wall for videoke, a small stage for the live band and also the food (they offer Filipino foods like sinigang and sisig). And one thing, almost kabayans were the customers. :) Oh the downside is we were not allowed taking pictures inside the bar but we used IPHONE as our camera. The ladies on the other hand (yeah we are camwhores!), took pictures inside the comfort room. :P

at the cr :))

The live band was sooo good. They have 1 male vocalist with keyboard and lead guitar, 1 gay comedian and also a singer, and 3 female vocalists. They are also Filipino. I had so much fun because aside from their singing, their gay member acted like Vice Ganda or Tsokoleyt. Their set started 9pm for 5 to 6 songs (I think) and play the videoke during their break. They had 4 sets until 3am.

secretly taking of pictures using iphone hehehe

my gang! others are still inside dancing! :D

Some of us decided to go home around 2am because we still have work that day hehehe. We came around 230am and prepared myself for a 3-hour sleep.

At the office, I was sleepy head. Good thing, my boss was not around so I just watched One Tree Hill to cheer me up. :)

Looking forward to experience like this again.


zynchi :)


  1. Looks like you all had a great time. Great pics!

  2. yes, i really had fun. thank you for visiting my site. god bless. :)



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