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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Skin Care: How do I get rid of my dark spots / scars?

Way back 2004, my skin was definitely flawless (my body I mean), but when we got home from Puerto Galera in Mindoro, my skin problem has begun. (I’ll make a blog about my “unknown allergy” separately.)

Of course, when my allergy strikes, it will leave a mark. Bad dark spots. I looked like I had a chicken pox, seriously. I thank God that when my allergy was severe 3yrs ago, I tend to lighten them as if I have no skin problem. Yipeee!

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Kojie-san helped me on this. Many of us (especially in the Philippines) are crazy about this product. But not all had a good result. Some got irritated and switch to other products. Kojie-san has an ingredient called Kojic acid which helps to lighten scars and to make your skin lighter. Feel free to visit their site for more details.

Kojie-san soap is quite harsh on the skin. That’s why I don’t use it all the time. I substitute it to a milder soap like Dove or J&J. It’s like, one week for Kojie-san and 1 week on Dove. This is to make my skin recover for the harsh ingredients that Kojie-san gave. I take a shower twice a day. I use it with a sponge for scrubbing especially on my dark spots. After bath it will leave your skin dry (sometimes my skin peels), so I use body oil (Avon Planet Spa) for moisturizing. After a while, I use the Kojie-san lightening lotion. Since it is harsh on the skin, I make sure that my rashes have been dried out before using the soap to avoid irritation.

Using these products won’t give you a result in just a snap. I have a simple routine but it was very effective in reducing scars like mine. But ladies, if you see any irritation upon using these products then stop and look for the other choice.

Actually there are a lot of good products in lightening scars. It’s just that I stick to Kojie-san not only it has a good price but it is also available in leading groceries and pharmacies. But now that I am in UAE, I am considering the Crème 21 products as its substitute for lightening my scars. I heard a lot of good comments and I want to give it a try.

Hope this helps. (^o^)


zynchi :)

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