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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Repost from Etc Etc Etc: YAN ANG MAMI KO! ATAPANG NA TAO!

Mom is on her third day in the hospital. Both of her lungs and heart area was filled with water that she gasped her breath for almost three days. It is her second time; the first was 7 months ago. Alam naming may possibility na maulit yun dahil hindi na namin siya pinachechemo, she undergo alternative medicine for 3 months now. However, her cancer cells still produce water that filled both of her lungs and heart area. I have no idea how this alternative medicines works, what I only know is their medicines are made from herbal. Which I think is safer than chemotherapy. Pero pareho sila ng presyo kung tutuusin. Sa alternative med, hindi lang basta isa ang gamot mo kundi sangkatutak.

Now, mom is doing well as she always does. Sinaid na daw yung tubig sa lungs nya, may butas na kasi yun dati kaya siguro dun na lang pinadaan yung tubo pang alis ng tubig. Sa OR pa lang, inubos na daw nila yung tubig. Good. Sa heart area naman, before she had her major operation sa puso. They made a PERICARDIAL WINDOW sa sac ng heart para in case nga daw na magkaroon ulit ng tubig, madali ng maalisan. And ngayon magagamit na nga nila yun. So minor operation na lang daw ang gagawin this time.

I truly truly admire mom, dahil sa dami ng pinagdadaanan nya; sa dami ng hiwa at turok na ginagawa sa kanya, she can stand still and fight for her life. Naisip ko pano kaya kung ako ang nakakaranas nun. Malamang di ko kayanin. And I am very proud to have her as my mom. She’s the best mom ever.

People come and go to our lives. When my dad died 5 years ago, I thought now one can ever loved us the way he did, but I’m wrong. I am so overwhelmed knowing that sooo many people love us. Many people pray for my mom’s recovery and I am very thankful for that. Salamat talaga.

After this, it might happen again. Hindi pa magaling yung mismong cancer nya. We are praying that alternative medicine would work for her. And please don’t get tired praying for her recovery. We all know that prayer is the most powerful medicine and miracles truly happen. :)

This was when my mom hospitalized last April 2010.


  1. hope she'll recover soon
    ang tapang ng mother mo
    be brave din para sa kaniya

  2. thank you sis. I'm so proud to have her as my mom. and yes, dapat talaga magpakatatag. as long as she is fighting, should be same with us. walang susuko. :)



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