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Thursday, May 20, 2010

He’ya ladies!

I would like to introduce my new site (actually I already have two which is for my movie reviews and the other one is for etcetera stuffs). Recently, I love reading beauty blogs and reviews, so I made up my mind why not making my own beauty blog? A blog more on beauty products reviews, wellness, and beauty tips but not much on makeup. Why? To tell you honestly, I’m working in a construction site (yes! In a very hot deserted place in Abu Dhabi). I do stay in the site office yet wearing makeup for me is a waste. Considering my nature of work and those people around me, a simple sun block or bb cream and powder is enough. No need to prettify more myself. And besides, boyfie and I are miles away.

I’m just wearing makeup on special occasions. :)

I hope I could make good reviews on beauty products and if you have anything to add or any suggestions, please! It would be my pleasure!

I also do a lot of research on wellness and beauty tips and will post it here, so stay tuned.

Have a great day everyone!


zynchi :)

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