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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Introducing: Sebamed by Sebapharma

Scientific Approach

To justify the claim medical skin care, sebamed products are developed in co-operation with dermatologists and pharmacists. Excellent cosmetic characteristics like smell, color, and skin feeling are the basis to which the important additional properties relevant for supporting the skin’s own protective functions and health are added. Active ingredients of high quality and purity are carefully chosen for proven efficacy and safety, and are used in relevant concentrations, rather than adding gimmicks without real beneficial effects or substances at too low concentrations to affect the skin positively. All products have to pass dermatological and clinical safety and efficacy testing before being introduced into the market. Claimed effects on sensitive and problem skin are verified in tests on panels of affected test persons rather than only on healthy volunteers. Thus, risks for irritation or allergy are minimized and efficacy is maximized.

The skin’s natural protective acid mantle

Our skin has a special feature: its surface is slightly acidic. On average the pH value of the skin is 5.5. The slightly acidic pH value of the surface of the skin wards off pathogens that cause disease. The balance of the ecosystem of the surface of our skin promotes harmless micro-organisms well-adapted to humans which are found in thousands on every square centimetre of the skin. Harmful bacteria and fungi do not tolerate the acidic pH value and are displaced by normal micro-organisms. In addition, the acidic pH value also stabilizes the skin’s function as a barrier. It ensures that lost fat in the horny layer is replenished quickly through reproduction. Another effect of the pH value of 5.5 is that the lipids in the horny layer retain their labyrinthine structure. This prevents water loss from the inside and penetration of pollutants or irritants from the outside. Thus the skin’s acid mantle performs an important protective function.

Changes in the pH value of the skin weaken the protective function of the acid mantle. This promotes skin infection, dehydration, skin irritations and allergies.

The pH value shows whether a liquid is acidic, neutral or a base (alkaline). The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. The neutral point is 7. Values over this point denote bases, values under this point acids. The further the value is away from 7, the stronger is the acid or base.

Not only skin contact with strong acids or bases but also daily skin care can damage the protective acid mantle when soap or other care products whose pH value does not correspond to the skin’s natural pH value of 5.5 are used. This is true for most so-called preparations with skin neutral pH.

Source and for more details: Sebamed Website


1. Suitable for sensitive skin.

2. Has ph5.5 ideal for healthy skin.

3. Has a complete set of line from head to toe.

4. Not too expensive compared to other leading brands

5. You can buy to any groceries and pharmacies in UAE.


1. The smell is too strong (for hand + nail balm – will review soon).

At first I was hesitant on trying new products and thinking that my unknown allergy will get even worse. But this product proved me wrong. I tried 3 of their products; the feminine wash, multi protect sun lotion and hand+nail balm. My skin problem was not affected upon putting these on my skin. My skin wasn’t irritated nor healed my allergies. Just nothing hehehe. It was really meant for sensitive skin. Highly recommended!

Will definitely repurchase the said items and will try their other products as well.


zynchi :)

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