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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Product Review: Nivea Sun Face Whitening Cream SPF50 PA+++

Very high protection for sun sensitive and fair skin.

Active UV Cell Protection
The effective NIVEA SUN UVA/UVB filter system with its whitening ingredient and the free radical scavenger protect the deeper layers of skin cells against UV damage, skin darkening and premature skin aging.
Water resistant.

Active Whitening Care
Gives the skin a fair and radiant look with the whitening ingredient Glycyrrhiza Glabra. It reduces the skin pigmentation at its source and lightens the skin complexion. The non-sticky formula with its valuable moisturising elements leaves the skin smooth and supple.

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(sorry for the dark spots, you know the reason behind this)

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without flash

I say:


1. Has a cute packaging.

2. It is compact that you can bring it anywhere.

3. Very light on the skin "but takes time for the fully absorption"<-- CON!

4. Has a good smell.

5. Has a light consistency but "became greasy / heavy when applied."<--CON!

6. Can buy on leading groceries and pharmacies.


1. It made me break out! Not suitable for sensitive skin.

2. Need time to fully absorb by the skin.

3. Leave a white cast and greasy when applied.

4. Quite expensive. I bought this for AED40.

This product is not meant for me so ladies, can you recommend me a sunblock with a high spf and for sensitive skin? I’m begging you!!


zynchi :)

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