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Thursday, May 20, 2010

So how do I look like?


- Have some occasional zits during my period. More on the usual bumps not the cystic one.

- Been battling on white heads and black heads. And it’s the most difficult part for me.

- Have large open pores that need to minimize to avoid increasing numbers of white/blackheads.

- Have dark under eye circles and eye bags.

- Have pimples scars.

- Have this chronic allergies (a bump that has water inside, too itchy and swollen if I ate chicken, egg or sea foods). I put a steroidal topical cream to subside but the scar won’t go away and it goes back when I ate such foods. Aargh!

I have seen so many dermatologists from different prestigious hospitals but none of them wasn’t able to cure it. To make the story short, I am suffering on this unknown allergy for almost 3 years! WTF! But I am still praying and hoping that someday somehow this dilemma will finished.

Summary: A mild to moderate acne (should I say “acne”?). I have white skin so my blemishes are really noticeable. Please help me!!


I love how my body soap and lotion whitens my skin. But I also have dark spots due to my “unknown allergy.” My allergy is everywhere!!! (I will post some pictures for the actual.)


My hair looks better than before. I just had a rebond five months ago with a friend. My hair still in good condition unlike the others that after a few months their hair is bringing back to the previous state. Maybe because my hair is naturally straight. I have no particular regimen for that, any brand of shampoos and conditioner will do. I only make sure I put a lot of conditioner to maintain the softness of my hair.

And one more thing, since its summer here in UAE I always bring umbrella. It also lessens the possibility of having skin cancer, sunburn and premature wrinkles. So watch out to those harmful rays huh?

So that's it. Everyone has a beauty problem so why not helping each other. Ayt?


zynchi :)


  1. hi sis! that's really nice of you sharing your situation. i'm pretty sure there are girls like you having that kind of issues. my baby has developed rashes as of late (due to the hot weather) and her doctor recommended using Oilatum soap. that may help. i also have some skin issues of my own, my skin is really dry, so i use Dove Extra-Sensitive, the unscented one. so far it's okay. you can try it some time. :)

  2. I already tried this Oilatum soap, but nothing is changed. :( And I think this soap is only for dry skin. Good thing my unknown allergy was not affected. I just finished the bar kasi mejo pricey at sayang. But I will not repurchase it anymore.

    Yes, Dove Extra Sensitive is very good especially to those have skin problem. I have been using this for almost a year, it is also recommended by my dermatologist. Minsan lang nakakasawa kasi walang amoy, para tuloy hindi ka fresh after maligo hehehe.

    thank you sis! :)

  3. hello sis. I also have this kind of allergy wherein there's like a red bump and then it turns to a brown spot days later. I just use whitening creams to whiten the brown spots.

    I hope you'll find the right remedy for your allergy too.

    Take care <3

  4. I hope its just like that. :(

    My spots kept on coming back especially when I ate those foods that could trigger the allergy. As of now, I use Triderm Ointment to subside the bumps and reduce the redness.

    Will ask for a professional help here in UAE kahit mejo pricey. Maybe they have the key. :)

    thank you sis yhen!



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